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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Habitat Afrika Safaris investing in the future of Arts and Culture

A local tourist company, Habitat Afrika Safaris, operating from the tourist resort town of Victoria Falls has come in to support the arts by partnering Intwasa Arts Festival koBukawayo in hosting the inaugural primary schools traditional dance competition. Many a times arts organisations have publicly complained about the reluctance of the corporate sector to invest in the arts but Habitat Afrika Safaris’ coming in proves that there are indeed local companies prepared to invest in the arts sector and provide opportunities for talent discovery and nurturing. The competition dubbed Habitat Afrika Safaris Dance Competition is open to all primary schools and focuses on traditional indigenous dances found in all four corners of Zimbabwe.

“We are excited about this partnership. Habitat Afrika Safaris has shown confidence in us. They have put their money where their mouth is. Now it is up Intwasa to make sure this partnership adds more value to the festival. Slowly, the corporate sector is coming to the dance. We are indeed excited about this development,” said Raisedon Baya, the Director of Intwasa Festival.  Obviously the dance competition is another opportunity and platform for young people to come out and showcase their talents. Habitat Afrika Safaris and Intwasa are giving this opportunity to young people and hopefully the opportunity will not go unnoticed. With more corporate support the festival can reach its full potential within a few years.

“Habitat Afrika Safaris is proud to be associated with this event. In investing in the children’s arts and culture, we are investing in the future of our country. There is a thin line separating art, culture, and tourism. Investing in the arts for children means the culture is preserved for future generations and surely, people from all the corners of the world will still visit the country to see and learn more of our unique culture. We are looking forward to a successful Intwasa and also a future partnership that will go beyond this festival.” said Rodwell Masotsha Sibanda, the C.E.O of Habitat Afrika Safaris. 

The Habitat Afrika Dance Competition is part of an exciting and comprehensive Intwasa schools programme for 2011. The schools programme includes poetry competitions, a drama competition, debate, and performances. Catch the competition at Intwasa 2011

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