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Monday, 5 September 2011


The arts in Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo are varied in their forms,
imagery and emphasis and are an accurate reflection of the complexity of
the region’s history and culture.  The peoples are developing their own
skills and artistic directions.  This has been greatly assisted by
government which has actively encouraged the promotion of the arts through
the adoption of progressive policies.

As we embark on this years Intwasa (spring) Arts Festival koBulawayo.  The
spring is a time for budding of young and old trees, young and old artists
come together to celebrate a season of joyous occasion after the slumber
of winter.  Winter were ideas are brewed and mellowed,  then Intwasa with
thematic processes comes in breaking new ground and  new shoots come up
ushering in ‘Art without boundaries’.  The new shoots with their clean
green colour are mesmerizing to behold.  These new shoots are the young
visual artist who will be saying statements in this year’s creative
celebrations.  These young artists show all the distinctive features of an
artistic trend; they form a group of artists on firm ground, well on their
way.  They are embarking on a long journey, with an established tradition
in their kit, with this equipment their safety during the voyage (life as
an artist) is ensured.  These young artists bring in a new signature, an
entirely new visual language.

During Intwasa artists create new bridges which are indispensable.  Young
artist have a seeking attitude striving for knowledge at times with or
without a sense of responsibility but the end results is that contours of
life are built.  Young artists tend to venture to tread more on holy
ground and dangerous paths because of their vigour and enthusiasm.

Young people play a pivotal role in society.  They are today’s leaders in
their own role.  It is in this mind that the Intwasa Arts Festival
koBulawayo is approaching you the young visual artist with the hope that
you will participate in this year’s visual art exhibition – Art Without
Boundaries.  Bring your work be it sculpture, painting, drawing, textile,
print, batik, pottery etc. to the gallery before the 10th of September 2011

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