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Monday, 12 September 2011


Fresh from a European tour, Siyaya Arts the 2011 NAMA Award winners who recently celebrated their 22nd anniversary in the arts industry will for the first time perform at the Intwasa Festival, presenting their piece “Siyaya in Concert” a colorful, climactic and bursting at the seams with energy presentation. “We are excited to be part of this years Intwasa festival as over the years we have been on tour during this time of the year, we promise our fans a show to remember as we have not performed a full show for our home fans since Zambezi Express at the Ibumba International Festival 2010”.

In this show the West African Djembe meets the Zimbabwean Ngoma and Marimba in an all out vigor, complimented by the lively dances, liquid tones, superb percussion rhythms and the sweet acapella harmonies all resembling the rich cultures and traditions of the townships of Makokoba.
This acoustic set relates the hard times and the joy of life on the African subcontinent. Siyaya’s rousing music and tightly choreographed dance transcends the language barrier. It’s a veritable Tour de force of African forms – traditional and contemporary

Firmly rooted in Makokoba, Bulawayo’s oldest township, Siyaya Arts was started in 1989 as NASA (Nostalgic Actors & Singers Alliance). “We rechristened ourselves Siyaya (On the Move) during our 10th anniversary; a literal description of our journeys all over the world, as well as of an identity, an ethos and a heartfelt belief, the name could not be more apt. The ‘nostalgia’ Siyaya was founded upon refers to the powerful reinterpretation of traditional tales, music and dance, which is often brought to life by relating them to their modern derivatives” said the Siyaya Arts Director Saimon Mambazo Phiri.
Touring throughout Europe and Africa, Siyaya has gained a good reputation particularly for imaginative manipulation and use of social issues in their music. In 2006 Siyaya opened WOMAD Reading to good reviews and took the show Thatha to Edinburgh earning 5 star reviews from Metro & Independent. In 2005 we shared the stage with some respected world music artists at Live 8 Africa Calling concert at the Eden Project organized by WOMAD. Zambezi Express, the recent production is enjoying success the world over.Siyaya took part in the Glastonbury Festival 2010 where they made a record 8th appearance further cementing their place in the world arts circuit. Siyaya to date has 3 albums, Yebo Yes, Kokoba Town and Futhi Njalo the group will perform selected songs from all 3 albums and the audiences will be treated to some new songs and Siyaya s own renditions of popular songs by some local and international music greats.

“As temperature-raisers they are nothing short of spectacular! The jubilant enthusiasm is infectious and, by the end, this crowd is cheering for an encore.” Metro UK

Look out for the 1st day press release and a tribute to our sponsors tommorrow-ART WITHOUT BOUNDARIES

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